Poolbeg Incinerator

Development Plan

In Chapter 12 “Infrastructure” on page 92 of the Dublin City Development Plan 2005-2011 the following policy is listed:


It is the policy of Dublin City Council, in conjunction and co-operation with the adjoining local authorities in the Dublin Region, to implement the Waste Management Plan for the Dublin Region. It is the policy of the elected members of Dublin City Council to oppose the siting of an incinerator on the Poolbeg peninsula.

Therefore this application is contrary to the Development Plan for the area and this fact must be taken into account by the Board in determining this application.

Alternative sites outside the region were not considered during the site selection. 

Landfill facilities in the nearby counties were excluded from consideration for household waste even though large quantities of other wastes are sent outside the Dublin region.

It is now government policy to allow waste to be processed across regional boundaries therefore landfill in areas outside the Dublin region must be considered.