Poolbeg Incinerator

EU Complaint - March 2012

Breaches of EU Public Procurement Rules by Dublin City Council

A formal complaint was submitted on 28 March 2012 to the EU Commission offices on Dawson Street by Joe McCarthy and Valerie Jennings. The complaint concerns breaches of the EU Public Procurement Directives by Dublin City Council.

The complaint also covers the use of public monies and Cohesion funds by the Council for procurement of advisors and for procurement of a contractor for the Poolbeg Incinerator.

The breaches are:

Dublin City Council should have re-opened the bidding to comply with the public procurement directives but they failed to do so.

The construction cost of the incinerator has been put at € 350 million by Covanta and the revenue potential of the project has been put at over € 1 billion by the Council’s advisors.


Below are materials supporting our complaint:

Press Release - EU Complaint re Poolbeg Incinerator.pdf.
March 2012

Background Material - EU Complaint re Poolbeg Incinerator.pdf.
March 2012

Submission to An Bord PleanÁla

29 September 2006

Local Authority Project Case EF2022
Waste to Energy Facility
Pigeon House Road
Poolbeg Peninsula
Dublin 4

Please find here our submissions to the Board on the implications of this proposed development for proper planning and sustainable development in the area concerned and the likely effects on the environment of the proposed development if carried out.

The most serious aspect of this proposal is that it will dump over 620,000 tonnes per annum of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.  The earth cannot tolerate any further increase in the CO2 load. 

Therefore the only sustainable option is to bury this waste in landfill after using anaerobic digestion to deal with the putrescible fraction. 

The remaining CO2  in the landfill would take some 25 years to release and would thus put back the impact of the remaining CO2 while humankind grapples with the global warming crisis. 

We owe it to our children and to ourselves to avoid making the current crisis any worse.

We respectfully ask the Board to refuse permission for this development.