Poolbeg Incinerator

Epidemiological Studies on Human Health

The Board gave an opinion to the applicant on the information to be contained in the EIS.  This required that the assessment by the applicant of the proposed development on human beings should have regard to recent epidemiological studies carried out internationally.  The EIS contains no reference to recent studies and is therefore incomplete.

Section 13.3.34 on page 13-11 has the following extract from the HRB report (2003):

‘Epidemiological studies of the health effects of landfilling and incineration
As there is a paucity of literature relating to modern landfill and incineration sites, nearly all of the studies identified in this report relate to older technologies. It can be assumed that as emission controls improve risks of adverse health effects diminish.’

The HRB report itself states on page 13:

Work commenced on this project in December 2001 and the literature search was completed at the end of February 2002.

Thus it is clear that no references later than February 2002 have been made directly or indirectly in the EIS.

Dr A Staines has written a critique of the EIS.  His conclusion states:

The proposed development, in my professional opinion, requires a proper HIA to ensure reasonable consideration of human health issues in the planning and licensing processes. The material provided in the EIS falls far short of any reasonable estimate of what is required. The people of Dublin and the local community deserve better.

The EIS is clearly deficient in this respect.